The Leasing Division of GT Group is bringing a valuable revolution in the existing storage systems with its state-of- art technology establishments that are built with optimum quality material and offer an enormous storage and warehousing facilities. We are committed to providing quality warehousing and distribution solutions, at the best value, while still providing the highest level of customer service.

A GT COLD STORAGE facility have been strategically designed with state of the art technology, making it a one of a kind in the state thus solving a whole lot of problems. The Polyurethane foam panel walls keeps the inner temperature far lower than conventional concrete blocks; this helps the coldness to reach the bottom temperature faster and also avoids condensation formation over the goods. Thus minimizing the risk of fungus and other bacterial infections, and many other exemplary features make GT Cold Storage a one of a kind marvel in the industry.

GT Group works closely with customers and provides them the unique marvel in the industry that makes for efficient and economical distribution.